The Best Conversations About Food and Agriculture Start with This (aka Final Post of This Blog Project)

The best conversations about food and agriculture start with respect. Agriculture has so many lightning rods (GMOs, livestock production and care, land stewardship, pesticides) which stir strong responses. But if you approach the conversation with respect it is amazing what can be accomplished along the way. The point of this blog was to share our [...]

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Does GMO Food Labeling Really Matter?

The FDA, USDA and EPA each have a role when it comes to genetically modified crops. But are GMOs safe,and should they warrant additional food labels? Lindsay and Andy give their perspectives on GMO food labeling. Andy Kleinschmidt I want food labels to tell me something important to the nutrition about food: calories, fat content, [...]

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Golden Rice

Not All GMOs Are Created Equal

Jonathan Benson recently wrote an article criticizing GMO foods that seek to prevent malnourishment and death within the developing world, namely Golden Rice and GM bananas. Lindsay and Andy find common ground in their discussion, bringing to light the question: Is there ever a point where GMOs can be praised? Lindsay Hotmire I’m not sure [...]

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Does the Word ‘Factory’ Belong in Front of Farms?

Wanda Patsche ( recently published an article Let’s take the ‘factory’ out of factory farms Lindsay and Andy share their reactions to this article. Andy Kleinschmidt Lindsay and I have been chatting about writing short reaction posts to current events or hot topics. When I read Wanda Patsche’s article a few days ago my immediate [...]

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Q&A About Ag Transparency and Big Ag

Lindsay and Andy recently discussed agriculture transparency and big ag here:  Their conversation continues below.   Andy: What is one thing that agriculture does really well with regards to transparency and  should keep doing? Lindsay: This is a tough one for me to answer. As I told you the other night, the biggest passion I [...]

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big ag

Does Big Ag Use a Bully Pulpit?

Lindsay Hotmire A few months ago, Andy and I had a conversation about how our roles within our professional worlds shape others’ perspectives of us, particularly when it comes to talking about agricultural issues. When Andy and I first met, I think our roles caused both to see one another as “misinformed.” To me, Andy [...]

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Fast Five Favorites: Food News and What It Means to Us

This week, Lindsay highlights five articles that found their way into her newsfeed. She and Andy join in a brief conversation about the articles. What are your thoughts and questions? We’d love to hear them. 1. IS YOUR STATE ON THIS LIST? ANDY’S IS! (GO IOWA!). BUT MINE ISN’T (COME ON, OHIO!).   Q [...]

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How Can We Produce More Food Without Losing Our Ethics?

‘Sustainable crop intensification/agriculture intensification’ are phrases used in the context of agriculture to convey the idea of producing more food with less resources. Lindsay and Andy challenge each other with their opposing viewpoints on the impact of agricultural intensification. Andy Kleinschmidt I recently had a chance to meet Emily Heaton ( at an agriculture conference. Before [...]

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farm fields

What Is Sustainable Agriculture?

What does it mean for agriculture to be sustainable? Farmers, consumers, environmentalists: They all have their ideas on sustainability, but what does it really mean? Throughout the next two weeks, Andy and Lindsay sort out the differences as they talk about their own definitions of sustainability.

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